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Would You Like To Sell a used Mobile Home? Need Mobile Home Info? There simply is no other Internet Business for Manufactured Housing which can offer the savings we do. We are different (Many Of Our Associates, Dealers plus Investors Work from small offices) There is very little overhead, which translates into Savings for the Buyer. In most cases, Homes are not parked on a lot for viewing..They remain in the Field (at their current location) for as long as possible.

This saves the buyer a ton of money in un-needed moving expenses, due to the fact that the Home Is Moved Only One Time From Its Current location to your Lot. When a mobile home is moved to a dealers lot those moving cost are passed on to the buyer which drives the price up.

Customers need to know it is well worth the trip in Gas to travel to look at a home in the field, which will cost very little in Gas but Saves Tons in the price of a Mobile house. Browse through this site and you will see just how easy it is for you to find what you might be looking for in North Carolina, Mocksville and the surrounding areas known as the triad. If the home you are looking for is not listed here, We Will Find it, Thats What We Do!!

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We Buy homes, Sell a Mobile Home Today. Advertise Homes, Sell Mobile Homes For Investors. List your home for sale here at this site for Free. We can sell your home at absolutely no cost to you the owner, and there are no contracts. If you sell the home before we do simply let us know and you owe us nothing. No Games, No Gimmicks, Just a Great Service. If You are serious about selling your home, then list the home here and put the home in front of our many Potential buyers who are seriously looking for Mobile Homes for Sale Today. We are here to make the process a simple one. For More Details Call Michael at 336.528.5162

Our website is our face to the public. We strive hard to maintain it and keep it up to date. We stay very busy so sometimes updates Fall a Bit behind. But we always manage to catch up. Please Call us as sometimes we will have a homes That is not listed on the site. .

As much as we would wish for a customer satifacton rate of 100%, we know as with any business this is just not possible. But the reality is we have and continue to maintain 95% Satisfaction with the many buyers and sellers that we have helped through the years. Nothing Less than Our Best.

The know how to ensure you have all the information possible to make the right desision in your purchase. We have been in Business many years and in most cases we can answer any questions you may have. If we don't have the answer, we will try to find one.

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