Mocksville Mobile Homes and The Better Business Bureau.

We would Like to thank all who visit the site. Also, Thanks to the Hundreds and Hundreds of Satisfied buyers and sellers who have Listed Their Homes and Sellers Who have Sold Homes and done Business With Our Mocksville Mobile Homes Classified Advertising through the years.
Several Years ago we chose to no longer be a member of the Better Business Bureau. Though Their intentions are honorable, It is our experience that customers will very seldom express (The Positive) about a business but will most certainly Post negatives very quickly.
We have had So Very Many (Hundreds) of Satisfied Sellers and Buyers through the years, But it is inevitable that some will not be Satisfied. The Old Saying: You can Please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cant please All of the people all Of the time.
Since No people will post Positive remarks at the BBB and only the Negative is view-able this results in the BBB posting a Negative rating for a Business. If any potential Seller or Buyer wishes to know the Truth regarding Mocksville Mobile Homes and Our Business Practices Please Call, We will be Glad to supply References.

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